Who We Are

48 IX is an Internet Exchange dedicated to the betterment of Arizona's core internet infrastructure. We place extremely high priority on open communication, performance, security, and neutrality.


48 IX is an Arizona nonprofit corporation, incorporated in 2020.


NameTitleCommencement Date
Matt LovePresidentMay 18, 2020
Wayne JohnsonSecretaryMay 18, 2020
Kris WaymanDirectorMay 18, 2020
Dave BarrettDirectorMay 18, 2020


48 IX relies heavily on open source software from amazing developers across the world. Without the open source community, 48 IX would not exist! We'd like to give a huge thank you to some of the major projects we use to deliver our services:

ProjectMaintainerHow We Use ItWebsite
FRRoutingLinux FoundationRoute Servers
RoutinatorNLnet LabsRPKI Origin Validation
GoRTRCloudflareRPKI Origin Validation
hyperglassMatt LoveLooking Glass
ReactFacebookThis website's UI library
Next.jsVercelThis website's UI framework
Chakra UISegun AdebayoThis website's UI component library
FastAPISebastián RamírezStatistics API framework
InfluxDBInfluxDataMonitoring Statistics Database
TelegrafInfluxDataMonitoring Statistics Collection