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We strive to make 48 IX an open exchange of both internet traffic and ideas. It's critically important to us that members can easily communicate with one another and with the 48 IX management team about any problems or feedback relative to the exchange.


Please see the support page for support contact methods and procedure.


General Inquiries

For general inquiries, email [email protected]

Upon initial registration, members must designate the contact types defined in the Connection Policy in order to facilitate adequate communication regarding maintenance, policy changes, or other important notifications. We are vehemently against email spam, and as such will keep email communications to a minimum.

Mailing Lists

Outbound communication is segmented into the following mailing lists:

  • member-maintenance: Members-only announcement list for maintenance notifications. This should probably go to an infrastructure team's distribution list, or wherever you would normally have your peers or upstream providers send their maintenance notifications.
  • public-announce: Announcement list for non-technical & non-maintenance notifications, available to the public. Examples include new member notifications, policy changes, new facility notifications, etc. As a member or potential member, this should probably go to your organization's peering contact, or whomever manages peer & provider relationships.


48 IX also operates a Slack Group, if IM is more your speed.


To keep costs (and port fees) as low as possible, we don't yet have a company phone number. If you are a member or prospective member and believe this is something from which you would benefit, please let us know.