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Issue Severity

Support issues may be initiated by participants or 48 IX operators. The following issue severity matrix conveys 48 IX's internal issue classification methodology.

Participants who initiate a request may expect a response from the 48 IX NOC within the time-frame defined in the 48 IX Response Time column.

For issues initiated by 48 IX, participants are expected to respond within the time-frame defined in the Participant Response Time column.

TierSeverityEstimated ImpactExamples48 IX Response TimeParticipant Response Time
P1CriticalImpacting all participantsMajor equipment failure, bridging loop, DDoS1 hour or less2 hours or less
P2EmergencyImpacting 48 IX infrastructure, or one participantMinor equipment failure, software failure, filtering error4 hours or less1 business day or less
P3ImportantNon-service-impacting affecting one or more participantsSoftware bug, port errors, performance degradation8 hours or less7 business days or less
P4RequestRequests for information, changes, or new featuresDetailed or long-term port statistics, software feature requests1 business day or less7 business days or less

Requesting Support

Support is currently available via email. Select one of the severity levels below to email the NOC.